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360GSM Solvent Natural Cotton Inkjet Canvas

360GSM Solvent Natural Cotton Inkjet Canvas Basic Info

Model NO.: JY/AC360 M

Origin: China

HS Code: 5903109000

360GSM Solvent Natural Cotton Inkjet Canvas Product Description

Digital Printing Cotton Canvas Features/Benefits
* Water resistance
* Micro porous coating
* Instant dry
* Outstanding color gamut and resolution
* Matte and glossy finish optional
* Natural cotton canvas and poly-cotton blend canvas optional

1.Water Resistance Aqueous Inkjet Canvas

CodeDescriptionWight (gsm)Width (m)
JY/AP240 MWater resistance polyester canvas, matte240gsm0.61-3.2m
JY/AP280 MWater resistance polyester canvas, matte280gsm0.61-3.2m
JY/AC360 MWater resistance natural cotton canvas, matte360gsm0.61-1.52m
JY/AC360 RWater resistance natural cotton canvas, glossy360gsm0.61-1.52m
JY/APC 410 MWater resistance poly-cotton blend canvas, matte410gsm0.61-1.52m
JY/APC 390RWater resistance poly-cotton blend canvas, glossy390gsm0.61-1.52m
Compatible inks: pigmnet, dye, UV, Latex
Available length: 18/30/50m per roll

2.Eco Solvent Inkjet Canvas

CodeDescriptionWight (gsm)Width (m)
CF/SP210 MEco solvent polyester canvas, matte210gsm0.61-3.20m
CF/SP240 MEco solvent polyester canvas, matte240gsm0.61-3.20m
CF/SP240 GEco solvent polyester canvas, glossy240gsm0.61-3.20m
CF/SC360 MEco solvent natural cotton canvas, matte360gsm0.61-2.40m
CF/SC360 GEco solvent natural cotton canvas, glossy360gsm0.61-2.40m
CF/SP C380 MEco solvent poly-cotton blend canvas, matte380gsm0.61-2.40m
CF/SP C380 GEco solvent poly-cotton blend canvas, matte, Glossy380gsm0.61-2.40m
Compatible inks: solvent,eco solvent, UV, Latex
Digital Printing Cotton Canvas Available length: 18/30/50m per roll

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